Thursday, February 03, 2005

What Season Best Fits You

Ini satu lagi quiz anime yg opie ikutin.
Hasilnya agak mengejutkan..I thought I will be a "Summer" person..
ternyata booo......^o^...opie a "Spring" person
mellow pula...huaaaahhhhhhh...emang opie mellow???
Nechh..liat dech hasilnya..tapi anime-nya bagus2..demen ngeliatnya..^_^



You are a spring.
You are very mellow most of the
time except for the caffine season (which is
year round) but you are also a very nice
When people tick you off though God
better save them. lol You are a fairly
socialable person because people know you won't
get mad too easy or seem to. But you are a very
nice person over all. ^-^

What Season Best Fits You? (anime pics)
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