Monday, May 16, 2005

A Boy who committed suicide....

Actually I plan to write about the fashion show I saw on Sunday
And that idea just disappear like the smoke
When I saw the news on TV
I forgot what channel of those news
But what they've been telling were very surprised me
There's a boy, kindergarten student
5 years old in Blora (if I'm not wrong)
Decided to end his life with hanging him self on the tree
Can you imagine that???
He's too young to committed suicide...
It's so pathetic...
He even cannot choose what colour of his shocks
That he wanted to wear when he's going to school
I saw his parents were crying like crazy
And I still can't understand
Why he decided to do that horrible action like that??
Why he did not want to enjoy this beautiful life??
What's wrong with his mind??
Is he crazy or what?
What reason??
The parents said maybe because the boy angry
Coz they did not let him go his friend birthday party
Sound so silly, ya??
And now, I have thousand questions in my mind
I can understand if an adult committed a suicide
But if little boy age 5?
I saw much news about children committed suicide
What they've been thinking??
Are they hallucinated?
Or because many TV shows full of violence they watch?
And when we found out the reason of the scary tragedy
It's all only bunch of jokes in this life
Just a simple silly reason
I'm so sad...
But what passions make them took that decision??
Well, I guess I will never know for the answer
Because all those answer were buried in the silence
Together with all those children
Whose committed suicide

I promised Joey to find that news in newspaper
But I haven't got yet
I will email you after I get it
Love you, hunny..muachhhhhhhhhhh


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