Thursday, July 28, 2005

Happy Birthday My Love....

Last night, I blew up a candle upon small piece of cake
close my eyes and make a wish..
in this day my beloved man on this earth
are celebrating his birthday...^o^

I hope he will get all the best in this world
Coz he's the most precious thing in my life
All I ever want from a man
My dreams come true because of him
I've been blessed since the first day I met him
My love is more and more in each day
and won't get less for tomorrow
Even there's a distance between us
He thought me the meaning of faithful is
He showed me the meaning of love is
I love you, Joey.....
with all my heart....
and would like to say...
"Happy Birthday My Love...."
Send you million kisses..

PS :
I'm sorry, sometimes I made you so angry..
sometimes I've been so stubborn
sometimes I've been so possesif
sometimes I've been so selfish
but you always forgive me...
that's why I love you so much, Joey....muachhhhhh
Hope this picture could make you smile when you see..^_^


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