Friday, August 05, 2005

Hope Your Day not as bad as this little Fellow...^_^

Just a funny clip for all my blogfamer's friends
Hope you have a nice wiken...^o^
Enjoy the clip...
Don't for get to click the "Grey" button below to play the clip..
Coz I don't know how to make it play by itself..hehehehehehe..^_^
(Can somebody help me about this?? I'm still learning)

PS :
Ternyata pada bingung ama "Grey" button..
aduuhhh maaf ya...grey button itu = play button
ato bisa juga click di button yg di 2 sisinya ada warna hijau
(yg kalo dipointer ama mouse, isi keterangan "seek")
reallllllyyyyyy sssoooorrrryyyyyyy...
I really want to entertaint and make you laugh, guys...
never meant to make confuse...
mahaaaaapppp banget....


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